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What is sports massage?

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Sports massage is a deep tissue massage that was originally applied in the sporting context. Techniques in sports massage are derived from Swedish massage and were initially used for competitors taking part in arduous cycle tours. It was then developed and became widely used for all sports and the entertainment sector e.g musicians, dancers and actors.


Now it is not limited to those sectors and has become common place in the treatment of anyone who is in need of remedial muscle (soft tissue) work, irrespective of the cause of the injury, musculature problem, age, level of fitness or occupation.


Sports massage therapists now work with the elderly and disabled as well as alongside physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic in rehabilitative therapy in the post surgical field.   It is even used as a health benefit in the business environment.


So what began as a massage which was developed to assist athletes achieve their top performance, to reduce injury or aid rapid recovery from injury, sports massage is now a widely used massage therapy useful for all.

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  1. I was not known that sports massage is derived from Swedish Massage. Thanks for sharing this information as I am also a part of the therapist community, your blogs help me alot.

  2. mahira khan says:

    nice information.thanks for sharing.

  3. Peter Dawson says:

    good information ,sport massage is good for health.

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