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Do you want to become a mobile massage therapist? Read on….

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You can own your own mobile massage business but don’t know where to start?

Interested? read on……

Did you know that the demand for mobile massage therapists is growing fast? Yet there are very few massage therapists providing a mobile service.

Why is that?

Are you daunted and scared at the prospect of running your own mobile massage business? Don’t know where to start, what you need and how to get customers? And then when you get customers, does the thought of going to a stranger’s house put you off?

All these are valid reasons why so many of you excellent therapists out there are not considering going self employed and being mobile, freeing yourself from overheads, working for someone else and being tied to a job. Or, those of you thinking about training are put off because of horror stories about badly paid spa therapists and zero hours contracts.

Yet, all these fears can be overcome and I can show you how.

Being a good mobile massage therapist has less to do with how good a massage therapist you are and more about how you are in yourself – as a person. You can be the best massage therapist in the world but you won’t be able to be a self employed mobile massage therapist if you are not sure how to handle communicating with strangers and keep safe, how to market yourself and how to keep simple accounts.

I have done everything the hard way and learned as I went along. I have made the mistakes so you don’t have to. I can pass on all the knowledge I have gained to you so you can overcome all the fears and worries and get back your work-life balance and be your own boss.  I have extensive experience as a retail entrepreneur and as a police officer so I know about business and I know about keeping safe. You can benefit from my experience and I can help you achieve your dream.

So why would I help you? Well, there just are not enough of us mobile massage therapists around and demand is increasing. I constantly have to turn away business because clients live too far away or I just can’t fit them in. It will help the mobile massage industry as a whole if there are more mobile massage therapists out

I have written a free guide based on my experiences to try and help you – you can download it here: How to be a mobile massage therapist – free guide

My FREE guide is a point by point list of things you need to consider to start your own mobile massage business that I am happy to email you.

All I ask in return is that you list yourself on my new mobile massage therapist directory In Your Home Massage – the first of it’s kind in the UK. You can have a free listing with the following code CMMT click here to join.

My mobile massage directory will also allow you to sign up for premium membership of my directory that will give you a stand out listing and full email support  about anything that concerns you to do with your business – all that a very small subscription.

Join my Facebook groups for mobile therapists –  so we can all share and learn.

Mobile Massage Therapists UK 

In Your Home Massage 

Then you will have all the knowledge you need to start your own business, be your own boss and get back to living your life and enjoying what you do.

Good luck in your new venture!

Claire 🙂

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  1. Dan says:

    Interesting read, the most difficult aspect is gaining credibility, something money can’t buy. However, advertising on Google is a good way to start getting an instant return as you can find bookings easily if you set it up properly, anyhone interested in mobile massage london can visit our website and apply to work as a freelance therapist

  2. Supanee Ramm says:

    Hi my name is rose . I’m thinking of starting mobile. Any help will be greatfull.
    Thanks Rose

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