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Can your company afford not to provide onsite massage?

Can providing your employees with an onsite massage at work reduce work hours lost through sickness?

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Can providing your employees with an onsite massage at work reduce work hours lost through sickness?

The Health and Safety Executive latest figures show that 526,000 workers were suffering from work related stress and 12.5 million work days lost through work related stress in 2016 – 2017 ( Do you have staff are off sick though work related stress? How much is that costing your business?

It is well researched and proven that massage can reduce stress and therefore goes without saying that if it is provided to your employees, you could reduce the number of worker days lost.

However, massage does not only reduce stress it has other benefits too:-

Massage therapy has been proven to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Decrease anxiety and depression.
  • Relieve muscle tension and pain.
  • Improve quality of sleep.
  • Relieve headaches.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Prevent repetitive strain injuries.
  • Increase immune function.

Save your company a whole lot of money for a very small investment.

Offering onsite chair massage to your employees does not cost a lot or take up a lot of your workers time but it could save your business a whole lot of money in reducing the days lost through sickness, and not just stress. Other ailments such as repetitive strain, headaches and less colds and coughs are also some of the benefits.

I cost just £250 for the day* and in that time I can see at least 24 employees having a 15 minute  onsite chair massage each.

(*I can provide more than one therapist – £250 for each therapist for each full day. Other prices can be arranged for shorter time scales. Travelling fees and parking charges are not included and may incur an extra cost)

There are other benefits too!

At a firm I regularly do onsite chair massage for, employees state how grateful they are to their boss for organising massages for them, how they feel valued and respected by their company which is worth at lot in greater work productivity and staff loyalty.

How easy is onsite massage to organise for your workplace?

Arranging for a massage therapist like myself to come to your place of work could not be easier. Therapists like myself will provide the booking sheets to show you how you can arrange the day and the consent forms for staff to complete as soon as the booking is made. We then turn up on the allotted day with everything needed to carry out the onsite massage. All your company needs to do is to make sure all your staff know what time their appointment is and where to go.

How many times should I provide onsite massage for my staff?

This is really something that your company needs to work out according to budget but a good rule of thumb is at least twice a year.

How do I book?

If you are in a 20 mile or so radius of Christchurch in Dorset contact me by emailing me: or phoning me on 07877 989330

If you are from another area you may be able to find a therapist on


Property Ombudsman – Salisbury

“Hi Claire (and Julie),I would like to express our thanks to you both for the wonderful massages, which have received universally positive feedback! Staff really appreciate and look forward to these sessions…”

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    very informative and valuable post, good work 🙂

  2. Claire, very nice post. Actually, relaxation is an additional benefit of massage therapy.

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