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Ten things you need to know about booking a massage

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  To undress or not to undress? Your therapist will expect you to get undressed to a degree depending on the area you are having treated. Alarm bells should ring if your therapist expects to get completely undressed for a foot and leg massage!  Good therapists should insist that you keep your underwear on, bra’s…

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What is sports massage?

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Sports massage is a deep tissue massage that was originally applied in the sporting context. Techniques in sports massage are derived from Swedish massage and were initially used for competitors taking part in arduous cycle tours. It was then developed and became widely used for all sports and the entertainment sector e.g musicians, dancers and…

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What is Swedish Massage

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Swedish Massage Therapy is a holistic therapy that uses deep tissue and long sweeping massage techniques to promote healing and relaxation. The physical and psychological benefits are multiple but primarily it increases the oxygen flow in the blood and releases toxins from the muscles this in turn relaxes the muscles, releasing tension and increasing flexibility.…

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