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Battling Back Pain? How Light Therapy Cured Me!

This is my personal Story.

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A Summer Accident and a Familiar Foe:

It all started in July 2023. While walking my dog in the park, I was unexpectedly knocked over by two playful Bull Mastiffs. The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back with a searing pain radiating through my lower back. This time, a visit to A and E and a CT scan revealed a busted disc between L3/L4. This wasn’t the first problem I have had with my back – 20 years ago, I’d dealt with a similar disc injury (L4/L5) requiring surgery. I was desperate to avoid surgery this time. As a self-employed mobile massage therapist who thrives on activity (gym, spinning, Ceroc dance!), this injury was a double whammy – financially concerning and incredibly depressing.

Traditional Treatment and Frustration:

Doctors prescribed strong pain medication for a potential six-week recovery. While I followed their advice, the pain persisted, making daily life a struggle. Sleep became fragmented, walking was limited to ten minutes at a time, and even sitting or lying down was uncomfortable. Physical therapy offered some relief, but further investigation revealed age-related spinal deterioration, including facet joint syndrome and narrowed foramina (nerve passageways) in the vertebrae. Traditional treatment options seemed limited, and the thought of more powerful pain medication with potential side effects was discouraging. I yearned for a faster, more natural solution.

Intrigued by Light Therapy: 

A colleague who’s a massage therapist recently incorporated a light therapy unit into her practice. While I wasn’t familiar with it, I recalled her mentioning its benefits for skin, pain relief, and healing. Curious, I contacted her for more details and began researching the treatment and available devices. She used the Celluma Light Therapy Unit, which upon further investigation, I discovered was FDA-approved in the USA and backed by research papers. Veterans even endorsed its effectiveness in managing pain and improving their lives. Excited about the potential for myself and my clients, I invested in the professional model and started treatment immediately.

The process was incredibly simple. The Celluma unit is a lightweight, flexible panel you position on the targeted area, turn it on, and relax for the recommended 30 minutes with the red and near-infrared setting for pain relief. There are no needles, drugs, or reported side effects. When I began treatment, I was reliant on a morphine patch and co-codamol. I couldn’t lie flat, sleep for more than an hour at a time, and walking was limited to ten minutes.

To treat my back, I would sit upright with the unit positioned behind me for 30 minutes. 

girl sitting on a sofa with her back to the camera and a celluma light therapy unit on her back

My recovery in weeks:

  • Week 2: Night-time pain lessened, leading to slightly better sleep.
  • Week 3: I slept for several hours without needing pain medication and walked for 20 minutes comfortably.
  • Week 4: Ditched the morphine patch (withdrawal was rough!), but continued with over-the-counter pain relievers. I could finally lie flat and sleep soundly, and walking improved to 40 minutes.
  • Week 5: Sleeping through the night became the norm, with pain meds only needed at night. I ditched co-codamol and went to more regular ibuprofen and paracetamol. I even returned to work and attended a spin class!
  • Week 6: Nearly pain-free! I booked clients and went dancing for the first time in months. It was a breakthrough, even if I took things slow on the dance floor. Pain meds became occasional

Life After Light Therapy:

Today, I rarely use the Celluma unit on my back. It’s become my go-to for general aches and pains after exercise, dancing, or a long workday. I’ve even resumed full-blown squash games and spin classes without any issues. Light therapy truly transformed my recovery!

From Injury to Healing (and How You Can Too):

Traditional methods offered minimal relief for three months. Light therapy, on the other hand, brought significant improvement within weeks. By November 2023, I was pain-free!

Ready to Experience the Power of Light Therapy?

If you’re struggling with chronic pain, LED light therapy might be the answer you’ve been searching for.
Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss how this innovative treatment can help you reclaim your active life.

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By Claire Masser – Mobile Massage Therapist. 

Thanks to Celluma I can continue to work and am able to offer this treatment to you. 

Please do your own research. Here is just one of many videos explaining the healing power of this device.