Claire Masser – Mobile Massage Therapist


My couch is 6ft by 3ft, the size of a single bed and I need to be able to get round the whole bed. 

No. If requested to supply covers for my couch I bring sheet and fleeces. I charge and extra £5 per treatment to bring my own sheets and towels. 

Appointments times generally take half an hour longer than the massage time booked. For example, if you have booked an hour long massage, please leave an hour and a half free for you appointment. 

I accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer on the day of the treatment. 


I allow cancellation for any reason, up to 24 hours prior to the appointment day. If you need to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment day, you will be asked to pay for your treatment in full. 

Yes I bring an electric blanket that I can put on the couch if you would like it. 

I generally do not come to flats where I have to carry my couch and suitcase up several flights of stairs. My equipment is very heavy and cumbersome so sadly I cannot carry it far. 

Yes, I have a lot of heavy equipment so I can only come to you if you have parking available, either on your drive or on the street directly outside your home. 

Yes. If you have booked an hour long treatment that is the time you will get hands on. Please leave an extra half an hour on top of the time for me to set up and pack down. 

You will need to supply towels or sheets unless you have asked me to provide them (an extra £5 is charged). If you are supplying towels, please provide three large ones. Or you can provide two single sheets and a fleece. 

Setting up and packing down.

Setting up and packing down takes me about 5 minutes each. Check out my YouTube channel for the real time videos and other useful information.

Book early to avoid disappointment

I get booked up two weeks in advance so book your appointment in good time.