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Mobile Massage Therapist Bournemouth, New Forest and Christchurch

Tel: 07877 989330

Mobile Massage Therapies by Claire Masser.

I am a mobile massage therapist working from Mudeford in Christchurch, Dorset
My massages are tailored to your needs.

Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am - 6pm.

All my treatments are listed below with prices and times. I can adapt all my treatments to meet your needs so please ask me if what you require is not listed.
I provide sheets and fleece blankets. I offer a £5 discount if you prefer to provide your own towels/sheets - please let me know your preference when booking.
More than two people booking consecutively at the same address qualify for a £10 discount off the overall booking.

My Treatments

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    My deep tissue incorporates all my deep tissue technique training with a deeply relaxing massage.

    Get the best of both worlds.

    Massage tailored to your needs.

    Bookings for two people for massages to be taken consecutively qualifies for a £10 discount.

    Read my blog about bruising and deep tissue massage here:

    • £4030 mins
    • £6060 mins
  • Relaxation Massage

    This massage focuses on deep relaxation.

    It has numerous benefits such as stress relieving, reduces anxiety, helps with depression and general tiredness.


    • £4030 min
    • £6060 min
  • ports massage to help with healing

    Chronic pain, injury, remedial massage

    Continue reading “Chronic pain, injury, remedial massage” »

    • £4030 min (incl. assessment and exercise plan)
    • £6060 mins (incl. assessment and exercise plan)
  • Sports massage

    Aches and Pains? Post injury or surgery pain? Sports competitor?

    A deep tissue massage using sports massage soft tissue techniques techniques that can help ease up tight overworked muscles, help with restoring the body balance from old injuries and surgeries. Reduces stress and muscle tension from stress.

    Bookings for two people for massages to be taken consecutively qualifies for a £10 discount.

    • £4030 minutes (incl assessment)
    • £6060 minutes (incl assessment)
  • Kinesiology taping

    Kinesiology taping can help you if you are struggling to continue to work or compete with an injury or dysfunctional joints or muscles. You may have seen it on athletes in the Olympics or other sporting events. It cannot heal on it’s own but it is a rehabilitative technique that provides support and aids healing while enabling you to carry on with your day to day activities. I incorporate it into a sports massage treatment for free if it is needed.

    • £6060 min incl. sports massage
    • £4030 mins incl. sports massage
  • Dry needling/ Medical Acupuncture

    An excellent, relatively painless, treatment of trigger points, muscle dysfunction and pain management. Quick and easy to receive but the results are amazing!

    You can have this treatment on it’s own or incorporate it with massage for relief from muscle tension and persistent pain.

    Read more about it on my blog ‘What is functional integrated dry needling and how can it help you? 

    How to book

    • £4030 mins (assessment and massage)
    • £6060 mins (assessment and massage)
  • Hopi Ear Candles

    Hopi Ear Candles

    A wonderful relaxing treatment of the ear for:

    • Removal of ear wax
    • Relief from tinnitus, ear infections (swimmers ear)
    • Helps to relieve sinus pain and pressure
    • Relief from headaches and migraines
    • Helps hearing aids function more efficiently by clearing the ear canal.

    No need to remove clothes. It is peaceful, painless and extremely relaxing. Treatment includes some head and face massage.

    • £3525 mins
  • Onsite massages at work

    On-site massage can be done at home or at work using a specially designed massage chair.

    It is extremely comfortable and massages can be done over clothing or with oil on bare skin.

    For more details on this service please read my article – Can you company afford not to provide onsite massage

    All treatments must be booked consecutively.
    How to book – email me at or phone me on 07877 989330.

    • £50hour rate - more than 5 hours
    • £60hour rate - 5 hours or less
    • £300day rate (Typically arrive 9.30 to begin 10am - end 5pm )
  • Massage for concert performers

    Concert tour massage

    I have a experience in providing massage for concert tours. I have provided massage for principle performers, full orchestras, band members and roadies. I can be available for a full day and am totally discreet.

    Day rate can vary depending on length of time I am needed, below is a guide.

    Treatment rates do not include parking charges and travelling fees.


    • £400Average day rate (max 8 hours incl breaks)
    • £60One off one hour treatment at venue
  • Book me for your event


    I can come to your event to provide massage for the day. I am fully equipped with a gazebo, massage chair and couch. I make the gazebo a comfortable space for massage with essential oils and music and can provide complete privacy if required, or I can just do quick 15 min chair massages. I can also provide an additional therapists if required.

    Day rates vary depending on how long the day is and rates do not include parking charges and travelling fees.

    Please contact me for individual quotes.

    How to book

    • £350 (from, without gazebo)average day rate (9.30am - 5pm incl breaks)
    • £400 ( from: with gazebo)average day rate (9.30am - 5pm incl breaks)
  • Pamper parties and holiday breaks

    Want to do something special for that special person?
    On a holiday break with friends and fancy a spa experience without having to go anywhere else?

    I can offer a range of treatments for you and your friends in one location creating the complete spa experience tailored to your needs.

    Treatments include relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, Indian head massage, reflexology, ear candling and dry needling.

    I bring all the equipment and towels and make a very special atmosphere with music and essential oils. I can also provide another therapist for dual treatments so less time is needed allowing you to enjoy the rest of your stay.

    The experience is totally tailored to your needs.

    How to book

    • £3030 mins each (treatments to be had consecutively, use your own towels)
    • £5060 mins (treatments to be had consecutively, use your own towels)
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